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Hardwood Worktops

Wood remains a classic and enduring material for kitchen worktops. Its appeal extends beyond just country kitchens; with a wide range of types and finishes available, it can lend a contemporary touch to any space.

Much like wooden floors, hardwood worktops bring warmth and character to your home, often improving in appearance over time. However, they do require regular maintenance to maintain their best condition. Periodic sanding can restore their natural beauty and charm. Unfortunately, accidents can occur, resulting in scorch marks from hot pans or stubborn stains from spills.

Over the years, many of our customers have inquired about our ability to sand and re-oil their hardwood worktops in kitchens and utility rooms. Thanks to our equipment and expertise, we can achieve excellent results while keeping dust to a minimum. Trust us to renew the beauty of your hardwood worktops.

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