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Wood Worktops & Stone Floors

Hard Wood Worktops

Wood is a traditional material used as a kitchen worktop and is still incredibly popular. Often it is the choice for country kitchens but with an array of different types and finishes available it can also look very modern.

As with wood floors, it can add warmth and character to your home and often gets better with age, although again, as with wood floors, it needs regular maintenance to keep it at its best, and so can benefit from an occasional sanding to restore its beauty. Also, unfortunately, sometimes accidents do happen which might result in a scorch mark from a hot pan or a spill leaving behind an unsightly stain.

Many of our customers have asked us over the years if we are able to sand and re-oil the hard wood worktops in their kitchens and utility rooms, we are able to produce great results with our equipment and expertise and as always very little dust.

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