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Gym and Sports Hall Flooring

Gym and Sports Hall Flooring

Why Choose Wooden Sports Flooring?

The two main two reasons schools, colleges and universities choose to have wooden flooring is for durability and presentation.

Wooden sports and school floors need to withstand heavy usage on a daily basis. Hundreds (possibly thousands) of children every day marching through the hall and running from one end to the other certainly requires a type of flooring that is robust and hard wearing.

Many sports halls are used for games like badminton, football, indoor hockey, gymnastics, basketball, netball and much more. Playing these types of sports will create a vast amount of friction and force on the floor. A wood floor will easily absorb the energy these sports cause. In fact many sports athletes testify that wooden flooring reduces their injury rate. Let’s not also forget that a wooden floor also has great visual appeal. It can transform the darkest gym into something really stunning.

We can create varied patterns and finishes depending on what you are looking for as a final look. We have many years experience in advising and installing fantastic looking floors.

A well maintained wood sports floor system should last the life span of your building. Please ask our team for more information on maintenance.

We use a primer and lacquer system that is made by one of the worlds leading sports floor surface manufacturers. You can choose from a range of colours for the lines on your court.

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